Friday, July 10, 2009


Are You Familiar with “The Dandridge Desegregation Consent Decree”?

Were you aware that Attorney Gideon Carter is the attorney who represents the black parents, black teachers, and black administrators of Jefferson Parish School System?

Many black parents are concerned about the quality of education their children receive in the Jefferson Parish School System and believe that it is important that we have more input on the decisions made on behalf of our children.

“The Black Parents of Jefferson Parish School System” have requested a meeting with OUR attorney Gideon Carter to discuss the problems in the school system and to get a detailed update on the status of the desegregation lawsuit.

Information meetings have been scheduled for July 18, 2009 and we have requested the presence of attorney Gideon Carter. Black parents whose students attend Jefferson Parish School System (and interested black teachers and administrators) are asked to join us in attending these important meetings so that we may discuss and share our concerns.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

12:00 pm: Mount Hermon Baptist Church

3512 Hwy 90W, Avondale, Louisiana. (West bank)

5:00 pm: Providence Baptist Church

11509 Jefferson Hwy, River Ridge, Louisiana. (East bank)

If you have questions, please communicate by commenting below. The organizes will recieve and respond to your questions and concerns.

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  1. Why just black people? I care about ALL of the students I teach. I do not look at them in terms of race. I think they all deserve equal opportunities for education. By making this a "blacks only" meeting, you are segregating teachers of all race that care. Many teachers are extremely unhappy with the moves happening under our feet without any say from the JPPSS lawyers and the JFT (joke!) Please reconsider the meeting to be open to EVERYONE that CARES about ALL kids in the classroom. Many black parents can name teachers of other races that they felt were kind, caring, and demanding educationally of their child.